​Finally... A Way To Profit During The Hard Times Ahead!

How To Survive, Earn A Good Living And Possibly Even Make A Fortune During The Coming Hyperinflationary Collapse!

HINT: This Has Nothing To Do With Stocks, Gold, Silver, Your Ability To Grow Food, Hunt, Trap, Defend Your Home Or Even Build A Get Away Plan.

From: Bill Heid, Founder & CEO of Solutions From Science
To: All Concerned And Aware U.S. Citizens
Re: When the U.S. dollar becomes worthless

Hyperinflation in America.

If you watch the news today, you know... on some level, it’s already started and it's only a matter of time until its destructive effects reach "Mad Max" level.

In fact, one day very soon in the future...

You'll go to the grocery store. And without notice, the price of bread, eggs and milk will have doubled overnight.

Some will be shocked and hold out for prices to come back down.

(Unfortunately, this won't happen. Once in blow-off mode... prices will continue to rise, maybe even double. Every single day. Again and again).

Others will attempt to stock up on core-goods while they can. Selling whatever they can to buy essential supplies... including their jewelry, gold and silver.

But a hyperinflation cycle is almost impossible to get ahead of.

A few will have already prepared... with food storage and hidden caches. Ready to “bug out” and escape at a moment’s notice. Some will have already vanished.

You may think the third "bug-out" group is the smartest and most well-prepared. But that's probably not true. Here's Why:

Those that do escape from the city, hide out or “go underground” too early...

Could be setting themselves up for a trap. The trap of using up their stockpiled reserves before they absolutely have to. And once all their food and water are gone... what then?

But there's a secret fourth group.

In every town or city...

There is a small group of forward-thinking, (even cunning) people who all possess a unique skill that gives them the ability to survivethrive and even prosper... when the U.S. dollar is "printing-pressed" into oblivion...

They've made a decision... not to head for the hills just yet.

This group of self-reliant individuals have the ability to literally create wealth out of thin air if they decide to stay on the grid for a while longer. Wealth that’s not tied to the dollar denominated U.S. economy... but their own private, “personal economy”.

These folks are not the rich or the wealthy. They are everyday people, just like you. Except, they have this one amazing and invaluable life skill. And with it...

"Some confident, self-reliant families will actually survive and prosper when the meltdown occurs"

They will be able to feed, clothe and provide shelter for themselves and their family... even as everyone else panics.

I’ll tell you what that unique skill is in a moment, but first, let’s talk about one of the most important events of our time...

Here's How Hyperinflation Could
"Catch Fire" In America

Many of your friends, family and colleagues will laugh at you when you talk about your “outside interests”.

You may already have been called an extremist, wing nut or even paranoid.

But you know better.

Even mainstream media is now reporting this: All it takes is for one triggering event and the whole house of financial cards comes tumbling down. One after another. And we're dangerously close to the edge as you know.

For example, here's one possible scenario as to how a hyperinflation super-cycle could catch fire in America...

   1.  It's a seemingly normal day on the Commodities Exchange in Chicago. But for one reason or 

        another, a basic commodity like oil spikes up in price.

        Not just any spike. But one big enough for asset managers to notice.


        Now if they want to buy oil on a sudden notice like this... they have to sell something else to

        raise cash. What do they sell? Easy decision:

   2.  Treasuries. That's T-Bills and Treasury Bonds. It's quick, it's easy, it's liquid and... Ben Bernanke

        and the Fed are guaranteed to buy them back at FULL PRICE.


        We all know the U.S. government is fully dependent on selling treasuries to keep the country

        running. If treasuries take a hit and no one buys, funding dries up extremely fast.

   3.  All across the nation, one after another, in wave after wave... asset managers, hedge fund

        managers and the "too-big-to-fail" banks see the spike in oil.

        They all want in. They want to ride the profits up. And the one thing they can sell for

        a guaranteed full price is treasuries.

        So now... everyone is selling off treasuries to buy oil. What logically happens to the price of oil or

        any commodities for that matter?

   4.  It shoots up! Way up! Oil goes from $75 a barrel to $150 a barrel in a day, perhaps $300 a barrel

        in a week as everyone chases.

        And what does that mean for average, everyday Americans? $10/gallon gas?... $15?... $30?

And that scenario not just limited to oil. It can happen to any and all commodities. Heating oil, gasoline, gold, foodstuffs. So now there's a real "cascading" panicPeople everywhere start stocking up on everything other than paper currencies.

They get their cash out to buy as many essential supplies as they can get their hands on. After all...

Who Wants To Buy
$30 Per Gallon Gasoline?
No One.

But What If It Keeps
Going Up In Price? Every Day?
Simple. You BUY NOW

And if everyone is trading one "good" (U.S. dollars) for another good (basic necessities)... what happens?

Commodities soar in price and U.S. currency collapses into oblivion.

And at some point, there's nothing our government can do to stop it.

The scariest part of all this? That's only one scenario.

In another, you've heard this before but... China, who still owns trillions in U.S. Treasury bonds -- suddenly decides to dump them faster than expected.

Or in yet another scenario, the Feds are ready to auction off another batch of treasuries... but this time, no buyers show up.

"Who wants to buy $30.00 per gallon gas?"

So as you can see and already know...

It doesn't take much.

Just one triggering event, on a normal day, and the long line of dominoes begin to fall.

But the real question you have to ask yourself is...

Where Will You Be and What Will You Do When All Of This Goes Down?

Historically we also know, when hyperinflation hits, it hits hard and it hits lightning fast.

Very quickly, every dollar bill in your wallet, purse, bank account... becomes worthless. It doesn't matter if it's Washington on the front... or Benjamin Franklin.

After all, what's the difference between $1 and $100 when bread costs $10,000?

Almost nothing.

But here's the thing. When hyperinflation does hit... most businesses will be striving to adapt to price increases and stay open.

And most importantly: Most folks do not believe there'll ever be a complete and total collapse of civilization. There's always buyers and sellers, even in the worst of times, or so history tells us. Think of the Great Depression. Folks always need to eat. Buy clothes. Live their lives. People will always "do business" on some level. But here's what happens when currencies die...

Instead of money, people start trading in hard goods for what they need. It may be gold, or silver. It may be family heirlooms. It may be seeds. It may be excess goods.

It may even be services. But it's always something real and tangible. No one wants worthless paper dollars during a hyperinflationary blow-off.

In other words, to keep society functioning, people always go back to bartering as a way of survival in a hyperinflation economy. This has always been true in every civilization.

And that is what I want to talk about today...

The One Skill That Can Keep You Alive
 Protect Your Family And Even
"Create Enormous Wealth"
During A Hyperinflationary Collapse

I'm Bill Heid, CEO and Founder of Solutions From Science.

It doesn't take a PhD in Austrian economics to see that our government is incapable of managing the economy or managing anything for that matter. And especially since 2008, I’ve seen Washington make more disastrous financial blunders than any other time in history. Kicking the can down the road by hyper-spending seems the only tool left available to our rulers.

My treasuries scenario above is a perfect example.

That’s why it's imperative that all thinking Americans take full control of our own “personal economy.”

"Old fashion values are still alive in many communities"

If you're like me, and you have Old-Fashioned American Values... you believe in a life of self-reliance and independence. As a matter of fact, it's truly disgusting to me when I see perfectly healthy people leeching off government hand-outs as our country nears insolvency.

It's even more upsetting when I see a generation of young Americans whining, whimpering and weak... when they had the world handed to them. Whether we want to admit it or not... we live in an entitlement culture that's headed for bankruptcy.

But some Americans simply won't roll over and go to sleep. Especially those reading this message. This letter is for you.

You've made or started to make preparations for the coming hyperinflationary collapse already.

Problem is... food stores, caches and bugging out is a matter of timing. If you get out of dodge too early, you could be wasting valuable reserves that becomes worth much more... later.

Or if you've "headed out" unnecessarily, you're left with dwindling supplies. But the point is, in a hyperinflationary economy... timing really is everything.

Reserves are reserves. Supplies are supplies. A last resort. In the meantime... even during an economic collapse, folks all over are still looking for "real" products and services of value regardless of worthless paper money.

There's where survival bartering comes in.

Listen: If you have skills, talent or knowledge that can genuinely help others in times of need... you will never go hungry, get cold or live without a roof over your head.

As long as things are relatively stable, of course. And when it gets worst, you still have your bug-out plans and your stockpiles. But until then...

Learning how to play the "Barter Game" can buy you some more time. But that's not all...

If You're One Of The Few
Who Knows How To Barter
During Economic Hardship...
You Can Create More Wealth

Than Any Sane Person Deserves !

As you may already know, the wealthiest individuals and companies on earth today started out as pioneers. Pioneers who "created wealth out of thin air" by starting their small businesses... during the Great Depression, the 70's recession or maybe even during the dot-com crash.

Truth is... people who know how to barter, "wheel and deal" and seize opportunities always come up on top. They are the ones who can help themselves, their family and even their community survive.... while personally prospering as the "economic center" of their town or city.

Question is... what skills can you barter? And how do you barter those skills for the food and supplies you need? Knowing how the barter game is really played becomes vital.

And... how can you barter to "create wealth"? How do you set up a bartering system that works? How can you live comfortably and profitably even as everyone else is panicking in the streets?

These are all questions I answer in my new 92-page manual, Survival Bartering 2012. I put this manual together to help you survive, thrive and even prosper during hyperinflationary times ahead... with the invaluable skill of survival bartering.

Let me tell you what's inside...

"Survival Bartering 2012"

How To Survive and Prosper Using Barter Techniques 

During The Coming Hyperinflationary Collapse

When it does come... Hyperinflation hits fast and hits hard and you absolutely have to be ready.

Inside my manual, Survival Bartering 2012...

You'll discover how to take action and multiply your wealth, including:

  • Six hyperinflation "warning signals" to watch for in America. When any one of these financial events happen, we are another step closer to hyperinflation. Four have happened already. Are you watching the news for the other two? Find out on page 8-9

"History shows inflationary collapses often happen almost overnight"

  • What really happens in a hyperinflation economy? You've probably seen pictures and heard stories about 1920s Germany... but do you know what really happened? The similarities to the U.S. economy in 2011 is staggering. ...page 10
  • Why everything you know about "money" and "finance" changes in a hyperinflation economy. Everything is upside-down when cash is worthless. Here's how to handle debt, savings, your 401(k)/IRA, investments and expenses.

Discover "Hidden Assets"
You Can Use To Barter Right Now...
If Only You Could See Them!

This is where it gets exciting!

Starting on chapter three, we'll walk through an intensive and revealing exercise about your current financial situation.

  • I'll show you completely new and right way to leverage money and goods during crashes and meltdowns  (not just hyperinflations scenarios).
  • I'll show you six areas in your life where money is being stolen right under your nose through inflation right now... and what to do immediately to stop the bleeding.
  • And over 31 ways  you can "reclaim" day to day hidden inflation fees. (This section alone is worth from $50 - $1,200.)

Now, you may be asking... "Bill, what does this have to do with bartering in a hyperinflation economy? I thought paper money would be useless!"

I'll tell you... it is of utmost importance you understand how to "find lost money" and "cut the best deals" regardless of the exchange units in the transaction.

This is the foundational mindset of a master barterer.

  • It's about valuing opportunities and seizing them.
  • It's about getting the best deal whenever possible.
  • It's about turning every transaction into an asset.

It's About Turning Economic "Lemons" Into A Lemonade Empire!

When you develop this level of "financial creativity" you can turn lemons into a lemonade empire... anytime you want to and make a killing, especially when paper money becomes obsolete.

At the end of the day, it’s really about creating value... and being able to take care of yourself, your family, your church and perhaps your entire community with your barter skills.

And in a hyperinflation economy... every event, situation and interaction becomes an opportunity for you to increase your chances of surviving, thriving and yes, even prospering. Once you have a handle on what signs to look for during hyperinflation, you just turn on a simple switch to...

Create Wealth Out Of Thin Air
As One Of The First
To Set Up Barter Networks

In Your Town Or City

In chapter four, we'll start getting into the nitty-gritty details of bartering... and its many advantages. (as well as a few things to watch out for!)

There are 3 aspects of survival bartering you must understand before you start a barter network... learn them in detail starting on page 35.

Then, we'll talk more about your ability to see hidden assets... things you currently own or have but you're not fully leveraging. You'll be very surprised when you realize how much more you can do with what you already have.

These are skills, possessions, knowledge, talent and abilities you could be making money with right now and use for barter later -- when cash is worthless.

Don't believe me? You're probably doing several of these everyday tasks for free right now not knowing you could be paid for it!

I don't claim to be a "genius" for seeing these hidden opportunities. With the right training, you too, will start seeing barter possibilities in your everyday life where you could be also making money!

That's what you'll get inside Survival Bartering 2012.

And to get you started, I've also included 69 of these "hidden opportunity ideas" on page 50. (Several of these ideas can be done from the comfort of your own home, too!)

How To Barter And Always
Get The Best Deal With
Whoever You're Trading With!

In chapter six, we'll talk about how you approach people to barter. Who to choose, tactics and strategies as well as how to close the deal.

In fact, I'll show you three groups of people you can start bartering with right now. (If you start now, you develop the "community" and resilience for harder times ahead).

Of course, you'll also want to barter with established businesses who already sell what you need. I'll show you exactly how in chapter eight.

"When society breaks down, the golden rule offers trust and community."

In chapter nine, I'll reveal the greatest way to leverage barter whether it's now when the economy is still "somewhat working" to hyperinflationary times.

In chapter ten, we'll talk about your physical needs. What should you start storing up right now? What items should you avoid? The obvious is food and water... but what else? What are some items you wouldn't pay much attention to now, that are actually going to be worth a fortune when the FED turns the money machine on full throttle.

Next in the book, I'll teach you that when you do barter a deal... how to make sure any barter deal is fair for both parties. (Important stuff when social tensions run high.)

In chapter eleven and twelve, I'll show you how to analyze every deal you make... steps to protect yourself... a barter contract template for you to photocopy and use... and how to make sure your trading partner keeps his side of the deal.

Finally, I'll give you a little known website where you can practice bartering today in real life.

Barter Skills During The Next Inflationary Super Cycle Could Save Your Life!

Let me ask you an extremely important question...

When hyperinflation hits, and I've said... it's going to hit hard and fast...

When food prices and basic necessities double in price every 24-48 hours...

When money (even gold and silver) becomes useless...

Will you already have a workable system in place where you can provide for yourself and your family?

Will you be ready with the skills, knowledge and network that I reveal in Survival Bartering 2012?

With this knowledge you'll not only feed your family, you'll "multiply your wealth" without wasting your own resources, caches and supplies?

Will you buy time by bartering with a trusting community instead of "bugging out" too early?

Or will you be caught blindsided, watching your bank account and savings become worthless almost overnight...

Will you work all day to save for a meal, only to have the price of bread double after your shift?

I can assure you...

Learning and using the easy to use tips and techniques in Survival Bartering 2012 right now, will give you an unfair advantage over others who wait to acquire these skills..

Even if America only experiences low-grade hyperinflation (which is highly unlikely), you will still have the skills to barter and profitable trade for anything you want... anytime you want it!

The information in Survival Bartering 2012 is timeless and invaluable for the hard times ahead.

And frankly, it's priceless. When hyperinflation kicks in, and you need to barter to feed your family... what would be the "price" of just ONE meal?

In today's dollar amounts... perhaps $50 or $70? In a hyperinflation economy, that could easily be $1,000... $10,000 or even in its darkest hour... a million dollars for a meal!

So here's the deal: To the general public, I'll be offering the Survival Bartering 2012 manual for $97 about three months from now which is a steal for all the information. It will be available in January 2012 and probably sold through television. (But I have a way for you to get it now.)

Personally, I have scoured the Internet searching for a rock-solid manual for bartering and to my surprise, I was not able to find a single resource that holds as much useful and valuable information as what I have inside Survival Bartering 2012.

On that note however...

I have always provided the greatest value to my customers, ensuring they are taken care of, prepared and ready for any disaster. Economic or otherwise.

That's why, I am providing an introductory rate for our current customers only for $39.95 plus shipping and handling for Survival Bartering 2012...

...As it is my latest in a long line of highly-practical survival guides.

So the question you need to ask yourself is...

Is $39.95 worth having all the necessary skills to "make ends meet" even when cash is useless?

Is $39.95 worth ensuring the safety of your family as you trade what you need to survive?

Is $39.95 worth one meal in a hyperinflation economy? How about one week's worth of food? One month? Six months?

Get Survival Bartering 2012 now. Click on the link below...

During The Next Hyperinflation Super Cycle, I Truly Believe Your Ability To Barter Will Determine Your Ability To Survive And Prosper... 

He who hesitates is truly lost: That's why you should get your copy of "Survival Bartering 2012" now before "Helicopter Ben" and company destroy your wealth.

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With it, you'll be able to survive in your own "personal economy" even as the U.S. dollar plummets in value and becomes worth less than the paper it's printed on.

It's powerful peace of mind knowing you can provide for your family... regardless of what the economy is like. Even in times of hyperinflation, you'll be able to create wealth out of thin air by profitably bartering with other folks in your community. While others panic, clueless about what to do with their worthless paper, you'll will be calm, confident and certain of your financial future.

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Still unsure? What if I gave you...

My 100% RISK-FREE 30-Day
"Hyperinflation Resistant" Guarantee

Listen, when hyperinflation and our economic collapse comes... your ability to barter will be worth a million times what you invest in Survival Bartering 2012 today.

Fortunately, you will have read Survival Bartering 2012 in depth and put its invaluable information to use already.

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All the risk is on me. Read every page of Survival Bartering 2012 in full, and become absolutely "financially indestructible" even during hyperinflation... and still return the book for any reason if you don't like it within thirty days. Get your copy of Survival Bartering 2012 now. Click on the link now...

When The Price of Bread

Doubles Every Day...
When Neighbors Burn Money

To Keep Warm...

It’s sad and depressing, but unfortunately true...

You cannot rely on Washington any longer to manage a stable currency system.

I promise you... they’ll just continue to kick the can down the road by spending more...

Like giving away taxpayer dollars to the too big to fails. Or wasting billions a day on policing the world. And worst of all, using debt to solve debt and then playing Orwellian word games with names like “quantitative easing”. How insulting!

Nope. We can't trust them. And as much as it saddens me to say... there’s a very strong chance the U.S. dollar will soon become worthless.

This is why you, YOU MUST... (it is your duty and obligation to your family to)... create your own “personal barter economy”.

Your ability to create wealth out of thin air... trade valuable services and products for essential supplies... and leverage every opportunity that comes your way, no matter how big or small.

Thanks for reading this important message...

To get your copy of Survival Bartering 2012 now. Click on the link now...

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